Links and references

BioSigPlot is recommended to be used with other Matlab biomedical signal processing toolboxes. We recommend particularly:

  • EEGlab - A powerfull toolbox for research on EEG. Including ICA, brain mapping, and many other features.
    BioSigPlot can be used as EEGlab pluggin, thus providing a friendly user interface to open and process EEG files before the opimized plotting provided by BioSigPlot
  • BioSig - A complete toolbox for research on any biomedical signal.
    BioSig includes their own plotting functions but BioSigPlot try to be an interface closer to the usual medical software provided by devices manufacturer. BioSigPlot enables also more interractions with other programs.
  • Neuromax provides you a list of relevant MATLAB tools that may be useful in neuroscience research.

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