BioSigPlot is an open source tool for plotting multi-channel biomedical 
  signals with Matlab. This tool is designed for researchers on both engineering 
  and medicine who have to collaborate to visualize and analyze signals. 
  It is the ideal tool to plot electroencephalogram (EEG), Foetal Heart Rate (FHR)
  and many other signals with the standard tools used in clinical routine.
  BioSigPlot only plot ! It does not open files and does not realise any 
  processing on the entire recording. You can use BioSig or see the links 
  section for this part. Furthermore, BioSigPlot can be used as pluggin of 
Main features
     - Scrolling through the time and through the channels
     - Auto Time Scrolling
     - Viewing multiple datasets of the same duration simultaneously on
       various modes (Alternated Superimpose, ...)
     - Possibility to set Montage and preprocess of data
     - (On 32bit Matlab Version) Viewing video synchroneously with signals
     - Plot and Browsing events marker
     - Grahpics and Command line controls
     - Exporting to image or PDF
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