BioSigPlot EEG and FHR snapshot


  • Plotting biomedical signals with the commonly used disposition.(For now, particularly EEG, and FHR)
  • Viewing multiple datasets of the same duration simultaneously on different modes
  • Scrolling and Auto-Scrolling over the time
  • Exporting to image, Matlab fig, or PDF for possible printing
  • Standard signal preprocessing (set Montage and preprocessing of data)
  • (On 32bit Matlab Version) Viewing video synchronously with signals
  • Plotting and Browsing event markers
  • Both graphics and command line controls
BioSigPlot v0.1.2 beta

BioSigPlot is an open source tool for plotting multi-channel biomedical signals with Matlab.
This tool is designed for researchers on both engineering and medicine who have to collaborate to visualize and analyze signals.

It is the ideal tool to plot electroencephalogram (EEG), Foetal Heart Rate (FHR) and many other signals with the standard tools used in clinical routine.

BioSigPlot only plot ! It does not open files and does not realise any processing on the entire recording. You can use BioSig or see the links section for this part. Furthermore, BioSigPlot can be used as pluggin of EEGLab.

Download BioSigPlot

Requires Matlab R2008a or higher
BioSigPlot is distributed free of charge, under the terms of GNU Public License for non-commercial use and open source development.
GPL V3 Free Software
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